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Yes, with the help of the support workers from HandsOn Carers, you will be able to perform various tasks on your own. These include household and personal activities. Additionally, you will be able to travel to places using your disability equipment such as a physician’s clinic, nearby nursing home and recreational places such as sports centres, community halls, etc. In addition, you can also socialise with others in the community.

As experienced support workers, we will ensure that you develop your skills quickly. However, the time taken to develop the competencies will depend on how you are picking up our guidance regarding various tasks. In any case, our professionals will make sure that you are comfortable with our support and pick them up quickly.

Our support workers will tailor the services based on your requirements. They will examine your impairments, your physical condition and competencies. This will also talk to the other support workers to learn more about your difficulties. Depending on these factors they will customise the support services for you.

Yes, our support workers are experts in handling emergencies. They are always attentive, and if they notice anything unusual, they will follow the necessary steps while complying with the guidelines. So, if you are hiring our support staff, rest assured that they will meet your needs by providing you with the support that you need.

Yes, our support workers are friendly and competent. They have been providing support to individuals with physical impairments for a long time and thus, they do not take much time in understanding the needs of their clients and in meeting the same.

Our in-home care services are comprehensive. This includes the management of diabetes, seizures, wounds, treatment of pressure injuries, ventilator care and much more. All in all, when you have our support service, you need not worry about anything since we will take care of everything.
Yes, if you want to know about a service or want to choose one, you can surely book a free consultation with us. But if you have general queries, you can plainly reach out to us.
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